Why Customized Imprinted Bags Are Better Than “Paper or Plastic”

In the 1980s and 1990s, baggers at grocery stores offered shoppers a choice between “paper or plastic,” but now in the new century, this practice has become as rare as full-service gas stations largely because the majority of people choose plastic. However, one elegant solution is to pull out your own customized imprinted bags made out of reusable materials instead of accepting the plastic bags offered by the store.

Why is this third choice important? Apart from being as sturdy as plastic bags, they will also help save the environment. There will be less bags flapping from trees, filling up drains and sewers, overflowing from dumpsters, blowing along the side of the road, drifting on the high seas, suffocating sea gulls, and lying in the bellies of sea turtles washed on shore.

The reason why plastic bags are found everywhere is because about 500 billion to a trillion are manufactured throughout the world each year. Popularizing customized imprinted bags will reduce this runaway proliferation of plastic bags.

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