Vending Machines Pay YOU To Give Them Cans

Sometimes you don’t see your attempts to protect the environment right away. You faithfully crush and drive your aluminum cans to the recycling center every week, but you don’t see the landfill shrink in size. You remember to bring your reusable bags to the grocery store, but you are not at the beach to watch the sea birds fly that have lived longer because they didn’t ingest plastic bags. You bike to work and around town, but don’t notice that the air is any cleaner.

Even though most attempts to better the environment take years before they have any noticeable impact, Pepsi is offering a new machine that gives you some instant gratification while you continue with your long term efforts.

The reverse vending machine doles out points and prizes in exchange for an empty bottle or can. Created by a partnership between Pepsi, Waste Management and Keep America Beautiful, the creators of the machine say they hope to encourage people to recycle when they’re away from home. The big blue machines are in North Carolina and are coming to California this summer.

Sometimes you have to keep at something even though you don’t see the results because you know it’s important. When it comes to helping mother nature, that is almost always the case. But you’re human, and sometimes it’s just easier to toss that empty water bottle into the nearest garbage can instead of taking it home to put in the recycle bin. The convenience and cool prizes offered by these new machines can be a motivating factor that keeps you focused on doing your part to make the world a better place, even when it’s not you but your children who will see the results of your efforts.

So keep up your efforts to protect the environment and get a little something in return right now.

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