Tips to Help You “Go Green”

There are a number of ways, you can go green. Since there are so many ways, it can sometimes appear difficult to know where to begin. But, if you bear in mind that small steps can lead to big changes, here are three tips to start your quest to go green. As the Chinese proverb puts it, “The journey of a thousand miles starts with one small step.” Essentially, you will do three things: reduce the number of clothes you usually buy, the number of times you use your car, and the types of chemicals you use when housecleaning. Simply by doing these three steps, which will make sense as we go along, you will contribute to the sustainability of our planet.


Fashion is a marketing trend to persuade consumers to buy more clothes. Unfortunately, since fashion seasons are deliberately short, new clothes have to be continuously manufactured to meet the demand. This manufacturing process hurts the environment. Since half of clothes in the United States come from China, this means that as long as there is a high demand for clothes, these factories must keep turning out numerous clothes. Of course, this does not mean that you have to wear unfashionable or worn out clothes. It just means that you should limit the frequency with which you buy clothes that hurt the environment or switch to brand labels that create attractive, organic, and eco-friendly clothes.


While we need to travel as part of our modern lives, we can help the environment by car pooling or using public transportation more often. Since cars create over two-thirds of the carbon monoxide that is found in the atmosphere, we contribute a great deal by using them less. Public transportation is much cheaper, more eco-friendly and safer. A bus, a train, and a plane produce much less pollution per person than a car. In terms of safety, too, the National Safety Council, rates buses 79 times safer and trains 40 times safer than cars.


While it’s certainly a virtue to have a clean home, many cleaning products are not biodegradable and don’t contribute to a sustainable environment. There are many excellent eco-friendly products available for housecleaning, as well as natural products that have been used for hundreds of years.

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