Throwing a Halloween Party Without Being Monstrous To The Environment

This time of year, many people will be planning for Halloween parties. Unfortunately, a great deal of the supplies that are typically bought are far from good for the environment. You don’t have to go in that direction, though. There are some great ways to set up a party while being kind to the Earth.

The most eco-friendly way to send out invitations is using e-mail. A quick, simple e-mail with the when-and-where information for your party is easiest and cleanest. There are also sites out there that provide designs for themed e-mail invitations. If some of the friends you want to invite don’t go in for e-mail – and face it, some people are just technology holdouts – just use recycled materials for your paper invitations. You can pick up some recycled paper at the store or use old invitations that you already have. Just cut the front off of the used invitation, write your party information on the back, and mail it like a post card or hand deliver it.

Decorating for an Eco-Friendly Halloween
Avoid purchasing decorations from stores. Not only are most of these more than a little tacky, they are also extremely non-environmentally friendly when it comes to components and biodegradability. A great way to decorate for Halloween is by using things from nature. Buy a bunch of tiny pumpkins and gourds from a local produce seller and group them around. Go on an outing and look for black feathers that have been shed. For a little spookiness, take some old sheets and cut them into large squares to use for little ghosties to hang around the room where your party will take place. With some imagination, there are many things you can find around the house to add to the creepy factor without adding stress to the environment.

Designing the Feast
One of the best things about a Halloween party is that the food performs double duty – feeding people and providing some decoration, too. Get creative when you design your party foods. Add some vegetable food coloring to your punch to make it into a witch’s brew. Whip up a batch of marshmallow ghosts as a sweet treat. There are tons of Halloween-y recipes that you can alter to make right for the environment and use organic and local fare without sacrificing flavor and fun.

Party Favors and Gifts
Provide some activities that can get your guests extra gifts. You could have a certain gift for people who ride the bus to your party or a door prize for the person who had the most people car pooling with them. Even adults love party games and this goes double for Halloween, when everyone gets to act like a kid again! Come up with games that will reinforce your eco-friendly theme and hand out little party favors to those who win.

A big get-together doesn’t have to be hard on the environment. You can put on a creepy, memorable Halloween party while staying eco-friendly and showing your guests that it can be done – and done well!

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