The High Cost of Plastic Bags

Plastic bags may be the most ubiquitous consumer product on the planet. They are manufactured in abundance because they are light, inexpensive, and water resistant. In addition, they come in all sorts of colors and sizes and they easily expand to hold a variety of consumer goods ranging from food at a grocery store to clothes at a mall retailer. With so much going for them, why do an increasing number of people feel that they are a threat to everything we consider beautiful about life on earth?

The truth is that these plastic bags are neither innocuous nor cheap in the long run.

Why Plastic Bags Are Not Innocuous

They are not innocuous because they are just too many of them. Factories around the world don’t turn out millions, or billions, but actually trillions. It is estimated that 1 to 5 trillion are produced a year. We use them for about 15 minutes before they end up in a landfill. Since they are not biodegradable, they will outlive anyone reading this blog post and many more generations to come. Since they are made of petroleum products, they disintegrate into smaller pieces which contaminate the soil and pollute the water. In turn, they are ingested by grazing animals and marine life who often mistake them for food. Numerous animals die each year because of the proliferation of plastic bags in their natural environment.

Why Plastic Bags Are Not Cheap

Plastic bags are not cheap in the long run because they cost a lot to recycle. On average, it costs each recycling business about $60,000 a month. Here’s why: plastic bags get stuck in the gigantic sorting machines. This means that crews of about six people have to stop the machines at least four times a day. It takes about a half-hour each time to remove these bags that have gummed up the machines. Calculating energy costs and labor costs, this adds up to a colossal monthly figure at each plant. Now multiply this by the number of recycling plants that have to be slowed down four times a day across the planet and you have a staggering total. This is just one cost. There is also the enormous cost of cleaning up plastic bags polluting landscapes, beaches, and waterways across the world.

All this raises the question: Do we really need to keep paying for the high cost of plastic bags for less than an hour of shopping convenience?

Having the forethought to grab your reusable shopping bags can play a huge part in reducing the number of plastic bags that wind up negatively affecting the environment and it saves money.

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