The Growth of Electric Car Charging Stations and What to Expect

General Electric as recently as the last week of May, opened a new electric car charging station in Plainville, Connecticut. This carport is equipped with numerous Plug-INS for an array of electric vehicles to charge at the same time. The spokesperson for general Electric also informed that the company is hopeful of opening more such facilities across the country in the near future. One heartening feature of this carport is the use of solar power for the charging units. Each such facility opened by GE will have solar panels as the power source, making this foray very eco friendly.

As more and more green vehicles roll out of assembly lines of manufacturers, they will find their home and acceptance amongst the public. With technological innovations and upgrades happening rapidly, it is a matter of time before zero emission cars will form a critical mass. When this happens, electric car charging stations will become the norm rather than an exception.

Another exciting development that will boost the use of electric cars like Nissan Leaf is the payment gateway for charging your eco friendly car. Payment platforms developed by Liberty Plugin, Parkmobile and Google Wallet will allow you to drive up to a electric car charging station or a parking lot where car ports are located and use these applications via your mobile phone to receive text or apps message containing a code. This code, when punched in at the terminal of a charging station, will authorize a charge for your car. The electric consumption will be debited from the account set up with these gateways instantly, allowing convenience of use. Such user friendly services are going to make the electric charging stations all the more popular. The gateways working at this service have termed it as Pay by Phone Billing.

The Obama administration working under the directive of the president is going all out to put mote than a million electric powered vehicles on the road before the close of 2015. The president is taking keen interest in the initiative because he wants to see united States dependency on oil to be reduced drastically by more than one third by 2025. Already the first move in this direction has taken place. The General Services Administration has ordered 116 electric powered vehicles which includes about a 100 Chevrolet plug in eco friendly cars.

This thrust on green cars by the government will certainly give massive support to the automobile industry, encouraging them to roll out better, cheaper and more efficient vehicles on the road. When a large population of electric cars hit the roads and become common place, electric car charging stations will be everywhere, much like gas filling stations of today. A hundred charging stations are being already planned by the government to be installed in five major cities. They are Detroit, Washington, Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco. This commitment of the Obama government is a reflection of what is to come in the coming years.

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