The “Green” Grocery Bag is the now the Standard

littlethunder20limeSomehow this bag is now considered the standard for grocery stores and virtually every other type of retail store. Now that’s not to say every other store has this style bag because that’s not true and probably never will be. However the bar has been set high by the grocery stores for carrying these Grocery Style Bags. Eventually all other retailers will jump on board in some capacity and mandate reusable bags. Who ever came up with this Grocery Bag shape? I can’t credit for it. I’ve searched on the web and can’t really find the source. It’s sad to say that like some great inventions, this one wasn’t patented or the name trademarked. Could you imagine the royalties and licensing deals the inventor could be making right now as the entire grocery and retail store community embraces the eco-friendly green recyclable reusable grocery bag? For the meantime, we all are benefiting from some ingenious girl or guy’s bag style. And on that note, the environment is benefiting too. We are in just the infancy of the reusable bag movement. In 30 years our kids will never even know the question, “paper or plastic?”. I suppose it’s kind of like gasoline and “leaded or unleaded?”. I”m sure there are lots of other little phrases that at one time were so common but now either economic or environmental (or both) pressures have driven these to be passe. It’s for the good. Today and in the future, the bag boys and retail clerks will be saying “do you have your ‘bags’ with you today sir?”.

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