Take Advantage of Green Products Market

How Manufacturers and Retailers Can Benefit From the Green Products Market

Green products—products that benefit the environment because they are biodegradable and don’t pollute the planet—can create new business opportunities for enterprising people.

Producing green products is a win-win situation. It gives people in developing countries an opportunity to sell something that would offer those in developed countries a much more sustainable environment.

Manufacturers in emerging economies can profit from the emerging green revolution trend since they can make green products to substitute for products that are either toxic or that are not easily biodegradable. Such products will appeal to consumers who are becoming more aware of how important it is to support the environment.

Green products are popular in Europe and are becoming increasingly popular in North America. This offers developing countries an opportunity to use their natural resources to create eco-friendly products for export.

The popularity of green products is a direct result of increased information about how ecologically unfriendly products are hurting the environment, causing pollution, and destroying general health. Europeans and Americans are becoming increasingly concerned about the consequences of not taking drastic measures to change their consumer habits.

Bayong: an Answer to Plastic Bags

Here’s an example of how a commonly available resource in a developing country can have a great economic benefit to a developed country.

Plastic shopping bags, made out of petroleum, are a source of major concern in all developed countries because they take about 1,000 years to disintegrate. Plastic bags are filling up landfills, littering landscapes, and killing hundreds of marine creatures like dolphins and whales who mistakenly assume they are food.

Meanwhile, a country like the Philippines can promote a woven buri bag called “bayong” to substitute for plastic bags.

Producing a green product like bayong can do a lot for a country like the Philippines where people are looking for jobs in the countryside. The huge global demand in the world for a substitute for plastic bags is an opportunity for Philippine manufacturers to develop an export product that is in high demand.

In crisis is opportunity, thus the environmental crisis is also an opportunity to manufacture and sell eco-friendly solutions. Through creative thinking and recycling raw materials, it is possible to make products that are good for people and for the world.

Producing green products is actually a sign of social responsibility and manufacturers that take advantage of the green revolution will be able to market themselves as promoters of sustainable consumption.

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