Summer is Almost Here, It’s Time for an Insulated Bag

hot cold bagTis the season and the reason to pull out your hot cold insulated bags, the reusable kind I mean. We are based in San Diego so for many months of the year summer is in full effect. However for much of the United States the months of May thru September Hot Hot Hot.

My family was just in Hawaii (on business) and then out to Palm Desert for the weekend. Both places were never cooler than 70 during the day and in the Desert it was over 100 degrees!

These climates call for a reusable hot cold bag. If you want the best, then look no further than Planet Earth Bag. I kid you not, whether you need custom and have longer time lines or it’s a quick project and you need in 5 days. Get a quote, we’ll get it done for you!

OK that’s the end of the sales pitch but honestly during the summer months is you need a sturdy bag that will keep your contents cool, then an insulated reusable bag is what you need. Remember the old McDonald’s ads for the McDLT, “the hot stays hot and cool stays cool”. Whatever happened to those sandwich containers? I know, they were made from STYROFOAM….yuck. I think styrofoam peaked in the 80′s.

It’s all about reducing, reusing and recycling. Cheers – it’s almost summer!

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