Some Simple Ways to Help Mother Earth

There are many ways to help improve the state of the world. At times, it can be overwhelming deciding where to start. In fact, many eco-conscious folks don’t start at all in making any practical contribution to the well being of the planet. Here, however, are 5 simple suggestions on how to get started:

1. Read about the degradation to the environment caused by the lack of compassion, concern, or cooperation between human beings. Once you realize the many environmental bottlenecks we have created for ourselves, from GMO foods that harm the large intestine of consumers to plastic polyethylene bags that take a thousand years to disintegrate, you’ll see the need for proactive measures.

2. Plastic bags are insidiously polluting the face of the earth. About a trillion bags are made each year on the planet. They cost billions to dispose of in landfills because they are almost indestructible. What’s more, they consume scarce natural resources like natural gas and oil during the manufacturing process. So not only are they expensive to make over the long term, but they are even more expensive to get rid of. Prefer paper to plastic, or use your own cloth bag when going to the grocery store or doing any other kind of shopping.

3. Think about composting vegetable trimmings, eggshells, bread crusts, and other foods. By doing this you will divert a considerable amount of biodegradable products from filling plastic bags that bulk up landfills.

4. Grow your own food. A small garden in the backyard can help you save money and eat healthy, organic food. You can grow your own potatoes, onions, carrots, and so on. You can even grow herbs in pots.

5. Support your local growers like your farmer’s market. When you do, you are eating fresher food, not food that has been transported across the country or that has been stored in freezing cold for six months and marketed as “fresh produce” by a corporation, foods that consume a tremendous amount of energy to enhance profit-motivated, eco-unfriendly corporations.

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