Simple Steps To Creating An Eco-Friendly Home

Changing the way that you think about common things, such as cleaners for the home, grocery bags, and even packaging, can help you live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Small changes are often the beginning of becoming more conscious of the products that you use and buy, leading to you to make a huge positive impact on the environment. These simple steps are affordable, and can definitely benefit both your family and the Earth.

Common PurchasesWhile it may not seem possible to live a zero waste lifestyle, there are some things that you can do to really reduce the amount of waste that you produce. For example, switching to cloth diapers can eliminate over 5,000 diapers from entering landfills annually while also saving your family money. In fact, most reusable options are cheaper than the disposable options on the market. Everything from reusable grocery bags to reusable sandwich bags can become a part of your daily life to reduce waste.

Other products may not be so obviously harmful for the environment. For example, cereals that are packaged with an inner bag made from plastic and an outer box made from cardboard produce more waste than cereals simply packaged in a bag. Products made from recycled materials are ideal, although not as readily available as you may expect in today’s eco-aware society. Along with finding products that meets your standards for packaging, you will also want to look for those items that are natural and safe for your family.

Your Natural Home

Creating a green home can be a challenge, especially when you are just beginning your journey into Earth friendly materials. Cleaners are one of the most common things found in the home, but can also be one of the most damaging to both the environment and your family. According to Volunteer Guide, a well-known website on green living, a single family can use up to forty pounds of commercial, and toxic, cleaners annually. Switching to natural cleaners can improve respiratory health among members of your family, reduce you carbon footprint, and also help you save money.

Natural cleaners can be as simple as vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice. Most items in your home don’t need to be sanitized with heavy chemicals on a regular basis. Vinegar, whether diluted or used alone, can kill germs without causing harm. Essential oils, such as lavender and tea tree oil, can be used when more cleaning power is needed. Essential oils should be diluted since they are very concentrated, but are very Earth friendly since they come from natural sources such as trees and plants.

Making The Switch

If you are ready to switch to eco-friendly options to create a green home, you may want to begin with one simple change. Beginning with reusable bags for grocery shopping, switching to green cleaners, or even opting for a stainless steel water bottle rather than plastic bottles of water can make a positive impact on the environment. Remember, one small change can lead to a lifestyle change that ensures you are doing all you can to protect the environment.

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