Shoppers To Adopt New Habits To Fully Embrace Reusable Bags

Since shoppers may be buying groceries for their whole family, they feel that they have insufficient reusable bags to haul away their purchases. In addition, shoppers like the fact that plastic bags can be reused as bin liners.

In an effort to combat this type of simplistic thinking, government organizations and environmental agencies around the world are focusing on educating people about sustainable development.

Concerned with convenience, shoppers have not fully understood the global blight created by single-use plastic bags. These bags, made out of a petroleum product called polyethylene, cannot be destroyed because they are not biodegradable. Even if shredded into small pieces, they form toxic scraps that pollute soil and oceans.

Thus, the best solution appears to be to educate shoppers about the environmental effects produced by the trillion plastic bags manufactured each year around the globe. These bags are littering the planet because there is no easy way to properly dispose of them.

Shoppers are most likely to adopt new habits to fully embrace reusable bags once they are consistently educated about the harmful consequences of continuing to use non-biodegradable plastic bags.

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