Saving Money on Groceries by Buying in Bulk

bulk grocery purchase

bulk grocery purchase

Whether you have a large family with four children or you’re a single person on your own, you can still be saving money every month by buying food in bulk. Grocery stores often mark meat down by as much as 15% when they package it in large quantities. You can save even more on produce when you shop at the peak of the season at a farmer’s market or fruit stand. Spend a little extra time and energy on preparing these foods for storage and you’ll save a significant amount of money each month while filling your kitchen with healthier foods to eat.


Look for meats, fish, seafood and poultry when it’s on sale, especially during certain holidays. Ground meat is often cheaper around barbecue holidays such as Memorial Day and the Fourth of July, as are ribs. Look for turkey and turkey breast near Thanksgiving and Christmas, while hams are often much cheaper near Easter. You’ll be buying food to last a few months, so purchase as much as you can afford at the lower price.

Break the meat up into servings and store them in square plastic freezer containers. Instead of dividing the food into equal portions, package them according to the meals they will make. You may only need 6 oz of ground meat for pasta sauce or lasagna while a meat loaf might call for an entire pound of ground round. Pack each box according to your menu item and label the boxes accordingly.


Spend summer and autumn afternoons visiting farmer’s markets for incredible savings on fruits and vegetables. You can often find bushel baskets of peppers, beans and tomatoes for the cost of a small bag of them in the grocery store. If there is a fruit or vegetable your family likes, then buy it in bulk. Saving money on produce is almost guaranteed as long as you store the food properly.

Slice vegetables, blanch them, and store them in reusable freezer boxes. Place enough food in each box for one meal for your family. Invest in canning supplies and turn your fruits and vegetables into pickles, canned food, jams and jellies.

Properly frozen food will last about six months, while canned foods can last a year or more in your pantry. Purchase one food in bulk each month and at the end of the year you’ll have an entire kitchen full of food and savings in the bank.

When you purchase in bulk, use reusable grocery bags instead of plastic. This will not only save you money, but help to save the environment.

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