Save On Gas through Ecofriendly Driving Habits

The days of driving around without a care for the fuel burnt are cherished memories for most Americans in present times. With crude prices going through the roof, you can no longer afford to have a careless attitude towards your gas bills. Now you have to plan every trip you make on your car with a view to save on gas. The lesser fuel you consume, better it will be on your wallet. A lot of fuel wastage is a result of inefficient driving habits.

Most people are excellent drivers on the road, but they are not proper drivers in the sense that they have not developed eco friendly driving habits. These habits require a few changes to the way you have formed your driving pattern. These driving behavioral adjustments will give encouraging results and you will soon enough find that your gas bills have reduced noticeably.

Kill your idling time

Generally people have this bad habit of keeping their car engines on and throbbing while waiting for someone to show up. Even when they know that they can restart the car, they simply let it idle burning precious fuel and polluting the environment. At traffic lights, when it takes a few minutes for the lights to turn green, you can kill the engine and wait. Similarly when caught up in a traffic snarl that refuses to budge, you can switch off the engine and save on gas. This eco friendly driving if followed sincerely will save you quite a packet.

Acceleration holds the key

Some people love to hear the sound of tires screeching and smell of burnt rubber when they pull out of driveways or bolt when lights turn green. All this may seem very macho and give you an adrenalin rush, but it sure can burn a hole in your pocket. Smooth and steady acceleration is the key that can retain the gas in your tank by as much as 20%, which is something not to snigger at in these tough times. Slow down before coming to a halt at traffic lights and smoothly accelerate while pulling out, to save on gas.

Speeds are bad for you either way

Hitting the gas pedal to the floor on highways and open roads with winds blowing in your hair cuts a pretty picture, but is not a smart idea for safety, speed limit violations and gas consumption. Driving in the 80, 90 or 100 mark doesn’t make much of a difference in terms of time saved compared to driving in the sixties or seventies, but it can save a lot of fuel. Too many accelerations and decelerations also contribute to heavy fuel burning.

Maintenance is a must

Keeping your car well maintained is one of the most effective ways to save money on gas. Periodical maintenance, correct tire pressure and scheduled change of air filters can shave off a few percentage of fuel consumption in your car. Using less of air conditioning also helps matter and disposing off extra weight lying in the boot for no reason also makes a difference.

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