Save Hundreds of Dollars This Year- Pain Free

Everyone wants to save money and most people want to help protect the environment. However, most people do not want to give up what they love to do it. The good news is, there are literally hundreds of ways to save money without giving up a thing, and at the same time, helping the environment. Let’s look at five, for starters.

library promotes protecting environment

The library promotes protecting the environment.

1. Use the Library. The local library is an excellent source for finding books, videos, magazines and more. Libraries provide a win/win situation all the way around. Your taxes already pay for the service, whether you use it or not. So, save some trees and get your books from the library.

2. Skip the printer and send an evite. No need to waste all the ink, paper, envelopes and stamps, an evite is perfectly acceptable for most occasions. Birthday parties, in-home parties, school or church events and even small graduation open houses can all be done with an evite via email. This will save you a ton of cash and help the environment at the same time.

3. Switch the water bottles. Forget about the disposable water bottles. The number of water bottles that end up in the landfill each year is astounding. According to the California Department of Conservation website, more than one billion water bottles make it to the landfill each year, and this is just in California. Drinking your own water from a re-usable water bottle can make a positive impact on the environment and save you money at the same time. Make a one-time purchase of a BPA-free plastic or aluminum water bottle and a filter for your faucet and fill up with your own water.

4. Carpool or better yet, ride your bike when you can. Get with two or three people who are going the same place you are on a regular basis, such as work or school, and ride together. Carpooling cuts down on fuel, which saves you money and helps the environment with less emissions going into the air. If you can, riding your bike provides many benefits to your health and your wallet.

5. Finally, use reusable shopping bags versus protect the environment. The environmental benefits to using cloth, reusable shopping bags are pretty obvious. Along with the environmental benefits, reusable shopping bags have a money savings aspect as well. How many times have you used a flimsy, plastic shopping bag only to have it rip out of the bottom and destroy the contents when you were carrying them in the house? A reusable shopping bag is not only environmentally responsible, it will hold the contents much more securely, protecting them from damage, which saves you money in the long run.

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