Reusable Bags Work for Every Occasion

reusable-wine-toteI’m guessing that my life is no different than the average person. During the week I wake up and do my morning routine, part of which is packing a lunch or at a minimum an office “snack”.

You know I what use to carry my office goodies? A Hot Cold Bag, without question every single day. Lots of desk jobbers like myself go out to eat for lunch because it gives us a little break from the office madness.  So it’s all about the snack, mine needs to be good and typically it involves salty.

On the weekend it’ s a different story. Sometimes we go to the grocery store, sometimes the wine shop and some it’s Babies R Us. No matter where we go we always have some extra reusable  bags. The other day I went to our local wine shop, they give great deals and thus there’s always a reason to splurge for an extra bottle. This time I bought six bottles. Funny thing was they gave me paper bags and then put them all in one big paper bag. Well I got home and the wine shop’s entire paper packaging strategy unraveled. The bag broke the bottles went everywhere but thankfully nothing broke.

In my efforts to carry them all guess what came to the rescue – it was my favorite Reusable Grocery Bag. I should have had a reusable wine bag but in this case it didn’t matter. This bag was beat up and worn but still good to go and ready to carry 6 bottles of wine.

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