Make Sure Your Reusable Bags Have “Recycled Content”

reusable bagsThis symbol has come to mean everything in the eco-friendly bag business. Personally I like the green colored recycle symbol, especially the number “5″ because this is for woven and non-woven polypropylene bags. There are other artsy symbols for recycling but most of those are in black and white. For those not in the know about the differences in recycle codes for plastics, the Daily Green gives us a great play list for Recycle Symbols. There is so much a do about green bags, eco bags, reusable bags and the myriad of other names these bags are now called. However no one seems to mention enough about “recycled content” in their bags.

I challenge all the “eco” bag companies and question whether their bags have what is called “post-industrial” recycled content. Bags without this are less expensive and cheaper, that’s right they are cheaper to make and in essence reducing their environmentally friendliness. The phrase is Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – so where do the bag produced without recycled content fall? They are missing the point.

We all can make dirt cheap bags with no recycled content but that’s not the goal. What the world doesn’t need are tons of poorly made bags with no recycled content circulating around the globe. This will create and even larger problem, see my post about Moderation in Life is Good.

So this is a call to action for all those purchasing reusable grocery bags. Make sure your eco bags are at the highest-level econess. Don’t settle for cheap bags that don’t use recycled content.

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