Plastic Bag Laws Multiply

Plastic bags threaten the environment because they are virtually indestructible. Made out of petroleum, the polyethylene that composes plastic bags takes about 1,000 years to disintegrate.

These bags are viewed around the world as a growing menace to the environment. Australia, Bangladesh, China, India, Israel, Italy, and South Africa are some of the countries that have implemented plastic bag bans and plastic bag taxes because they clog landfills, choke storm drains, and litter landscapes. Additionally, the United Nations environmental reports estimate 260 birds and marine animals have been harmed by plastic bags.

Plastic bag laws have multiplied over the past decade and have reduced consumption. However, this movement has been strongly resisted in the United States, a country that churns out 92 billion bags a year. Only a few cities like San Francisco have banned plastic bags.

When plastic bags disappear, shoppers will simply switch to bringing their own bags or buying corn-based reusable bags.

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