Party Up and Get Down Eco-Friendly Style

It’s getting close to your birthday and a party is in order? Maybe it is your significant other’s birthday, and you are thinking about throwing a surprise birthday party for him or her. Maybe you are clever enough to throw your own surprise party! Whatever the reason for planning a celebratory event, do it with an eco-friendlytheme! Have a ho-down and show your friends how to party while being kind to the earth. It’s a sneaky educational tool. Think of yourself as a secret agent. There are five perfect ways to incorporate environmentally responsible ideas into your gathering.

1. Follow the 100 mile rule of exclusively buying produce that was grown within one hundred miles of your home. The pollution of transporting foods from one state to another or one country to another is staggering. Not only does this generate a ridiculous amount of air pollution, but it also pollutes the food being transported. Buy all organic foods and beverages for your party buffet and bar.2. Let Them Eat CakeBake a cake using all organic ingredients that come from within one hundred miles of your home if that is possible. Depending on where you live, different fruits will be available to you. Apples and Strawberries are common in the Mid-South area of the United States. In the south-eastern United States, peaches are well known. California has anything citrus; while Oregon and Washington State are kissed with blackberries. Wherever you are, find some local fruit, a recipe for that cake using that particular fruit. If you have trouble, make a vanilla cake and incorporate pieces of the fruit into it. Using organic vanilla extract and whole wheat organic will make your cake a delicious, poison-free treat for your guests. Brag to them and show off the ingredients while mingling. Lead by example.

3. Organic Mixers for Cocktails

Serve drinks with exclusively organic fruit juice. A recipe of fine vodka or rum and organic orange juice with a splash of organic cranberry juice will please most pallets. Just make sure no one has too much and drives anywhere. If you prefer wine, there are a number of delicious red and white wines made with organic grapes.

4. Party Favors Favor the Environment

Buy organic canvas shopping bags, put some organic fruits and vegetables inside of them and delight your guests. You may convert someone who has never used eco-friendly shopping bags, or you may add another bag to an eco-friendly pal who has a collection of his or her own. It is a win-win either way you go. Make sure the fruit and vegetables come from a farm within a one hundred mile radius of your home.

5. Be Innovative: Ask for a Specific Gift

Ask your guests to begin collecting recyclable materials like paper, cans, plastic and glass when you invite them to the party. Tell them two things. One is that the recyclable materials are being requested in lieu of any other gifts. The second thing to tell them is that the person who brings the most recyclables will receive a special prize. Plan the party anywhere from four to six weeks in advance, and this way your guests will have plenty of time to collect at work, school, from neighbors, and at home.

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