Now is the Time to Bring Your Reusable Bags Everywhere


For those that haven’t taken charge and made the reusable bag movement a part of your life - now is the time. You are given an option at the checkout counter – “paper or plastic”. Quite honestly if you haven’t already brought in your bags for checkout, then you are slow. Reduce, reuse and recycle are the key words. We are light years behind Europe, they’ve been reusing bags for decades. Many US towns, cities, counties and soon states are banning plastic. Unfortunately the retail and grocery stores bag alternative is paper but if we all bring in our own bags then even paper bags will go away. Of course we know paper and depleted forests are a whole different issue. Yet the plastic and paper bag disease is all interrelated. The new regime of shopper says don’t even give me the “paper or plastic” option at checkout. We bring our bags everywhere. I just hauled clothes to goodwill in a grocery bag last weekend. My wife has been using our Hot Cold bags to store kids toys and bring them to play dates. The uses are endless and the bags last for a long long time. The greatest part about bringing your bags everywhere is that it’s contagious. People will see you using a reusable bag instead of a plastic or paper bag.

I want to reference this Think Green image because I think it’s awesome. So whoever created this great work please let me know. I have ideas and can help with marketing your design on other eco-friendly custom branded products.

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