No Plastic Day – Something We Promote Everyday

The No Plastic Day is an annual event held to bring into sharp focus the hazards of plastics to our environment and daily life. We simply cannot treat this day as a ritual to be done with every year and forgotten. It is not something to be observed for just a day and then carry on with our routine of using and discarding plastics everywhere.

Almost a trillion plastic bags are used each year and discarded. Most of it lands up in our oceans, forests, rivers and landfills. If you add plastic bottles and other disposable plastic wares, the figure is staggering and runs into millions of tons of garbage that will remain without biodegrading for hundreds of years. Plastics unfortunately are not biodegradable and even when they do, the rate of degradation is painfully slow. It may take decades for a single plastic bottle to degrade to small miniscule bits, posing even greater danger to all life forms.

Even mountaineers climbing Mount Everest are guilty of polluting the pristine peaks with plastic waste and some volunteers like the Sherpas make an annual climb to bring down all they can possibly carry to keep the mountains clean. Our great negligence and devil-may-care attitude
has choked our landscape with plastic waste. Oceans like the Pacific have a great garbage patch, where millions of tons of plastic bottles and other items are swirling in a whirlpool-like fashion. Each day this patch is getting bigger and uglier than the day before. This is threatening marine life and plastics are about to break into the food chain.

When fishes nibble away at tiny pieces of plastics floating in their habitat, little do they realize the damage it can do to their internal organs, eventually killing them. Fish is also the staple diet of millions of people all over the world. Once plastic enters the food chain through fish and other animals, which are also eaten by humans, this plastic will ultimately find its way into our body. Imagine the toxicity and damage plastic trace particles can do to our internal organs like liver, kidney, spleen and blood vessels. This careless attitude in our part and refusal to acknowledge the dangers of plastic pollution will eventually boomerang on our very existence. Unless we mend our ways, discipline our lifestyle, and be more concerned about the environment, we are bound to suffer horrific consequences.

Collectively we should take a pledge on No Plastic Day to not only lessen the use of plastic for the day, but also for the rest of the year. An uncompromising attitude and determination to deal with this menace on an everyday basis alone can ensure that we put a stop to further pollute our oceans and land with plastic waste.

We can start the June 8th No Plastic day by reusing the plastic bags we have. Try to bring your own carry bag, preferably of cotton fabric for shopping. Drink out of glass bottles or cans, so as to reduce plastic bottles. Dispose of plastic garbage in marked garbage bins for recycling purposes and if everyone religiously follows the above dictum, we can hope to have a plastic free world someday.

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