Moderation in Life is Good…Even When Being “Green”

bg110_new_sm_flOk so is there a such as being overly “green”? Not the color green but the eco-friendly green movement. Now I’m not talking about reducing, reusing and recycling otherwise known as the 3 R’s. There is no limit to greeness when it comes to the 3 R’s. There’s a growing concern in the green bag community that people have more bags than they need. Keep in mind these reusable bags will last a LONG TIME. In fact, soo long that people are starting to collect them and store them unused. Which I don’t think is a bad thing. However, the purpose of a reusable bag is to supplement plastic or paper usage. Reusable bags are just now getting stylish but we’ll talk more about Eco-Style another time. In meantime let’s keep the green vibe alive and stay true to the 3 R’s. If you have extra unused reusable grocery or other style bags, then give them out. Donate one to a homeless person or give them to your children to bring to school.

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