Mixed Reviews for Brownsville Ban on Plastic Bags

According to Mayor Pat Ahumuda, plastic bag bans have significantly cleaned up the city of Brownsville because it has eliminated well over 350,000 bags. Instead of using plastic bags, consumers now spend 79 cents to buy reusable bags with the slogan, “Keep Texas Green.”

Two other Texan communities have approved a ban on plastic bags: Fort Stockton will ban these bags in September and South Padre Island will ban them in January of next year.

Other large cities expected to follow suit are Laredo and El Paso, as well as Poteet, a small town south of San Antonio.

However, reviews have been mixed with some consumers reporting forgetting to bring in their purchased reusable bags while others report driving to shop in towns without plastic bag taxes. Additionally, there are a number of policy disputes, ranging from the fact that the ban does not encourage the use of paper bags to a clash between state legislation and local ordinances.

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