Innovative Toy Makers Now Creating Green Toys

When it comes to finding solutions to the ecological disasters affecting the planet, Germany is one of the leading countries in the world when it comes to how to reuse energy and recycle resources. In recent years, one of their most interesting ventures has been creating toys fuelled by installed solar panels.

These toys, often referred to as green toys, are more than just clever ways to keep children amused. They are a powerful symbol to promote a new generation of ecologically aware young people.

The toys themselves are similar to traditional toys, but what make them different are the materials used to construct them, as well as how they are powered up. For instance, many toys are made with recycled materials and not powered by electricity but by solar panel systems.

Critics of Green Toys

Although the manufacturers intentions are good, they’re methods are being questioned. While solar cells are a better alternative to electricity because it is tapping into the freely available energy of the sun, the materials for the cells have to come from mining operations, which means exposing human beings to dangerous life conditions and further desecrating the earth itself.

Critics argue that there are less harmful ways to introduce children to the ideas about how to make a difference to the environment.

Champions of Green Toys

On the other hand, proponents of green toys, say that setting the right intention is what matters the most and more benevolent methods on how to implement these intentions will arise in the future. The main thing, they argue, is to create a vision and to let the details evolve over time.

These champions of green toys also point to a number of benefits these toys provide that are ignored by the critics. These toys, they say, are made from recycled and food grade plastics, require minimal packaging, and assure parents that there are no lead paints, phthalates, BPA, or other toxic materials. Additionally, these toys are based on sustainable production processes and are also beautiful, fun, and educational. Finally, they argue that the toys are regularly tested to ensure high safety standards.

Green Toys in the US

The green revolution has since spread to the United States where retailers are offering a wide variety of toys. Unlike their German counterparts, American toy manufacturers are not currently looking to use solar power, but are simply focusing on using eco-friendly materials.

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