If Heating Bills Make You See Red, Think Green!

energy saving home

energy saving home

This unusually mild winter is a welcomed break for homeowners, especially during these difficult economic times. The fair weather has led The Energy Information Administration to scale down its annual home heating cost estimate for much of the nation. Never the less, the average home heated with oil is expected to see a four percent increase during this heating season compared to the same period last winter.

Larger heating bills are causing consumers to see red. Yet, a sluggish economy and stagnate income growth is prodding many Americans to start thinking green. Bent on saving money, homeowners are considering energy efficient improvements. People are turning to their local utility companies and asking their neighborhood service providers for products offering rebates, for advice on saving energy, and for assistance with income tax credits. They are discovering that there are many eco-friendly techniques for saving money and the environment too.


Programmable thermostats are the easiest way to control comfort while reducing energy costs. Simple to install, they manage temperature adjustments while unattended. They can automatically modify the temperature when the house is empty or when residents are asleep. They adapt various settings to different periods of the day. This one simple device can easily result in an annual saving of up to $250.


Replacing old windows with new Energy Star models will yield both immediate and long-range benefits. Typically, they produce an annual saving up to $84 per window and they add significantly to the resale value of the home.


This simple installation will return big savings for homeowners heating with gas. A new, high efficiency furnace or boiler is a major step toward a greener, more cost effective heating system and it easily pays for itself in just a few years. The increased heating efficiency will result in savings up to $456 annually.


Adding and/or replacing sealing and insulation can cut heating and cooling costs by 25%. Effective weatherproofing has a major impact on both heating bills and the cost of summer cooling. Paying extra attention to crawl spaces and filtration systems reaps even greater savings. Well-applied weatherproofing techniques can accumulate savings as high $336 a year.

Today, eco-conscious Americans are finding modern, efficient ways to save energy and to improve the state of our environment while increasing the resale value of their homes.

Keep in mind that you can also save money and do your part in saving the environment by using reusable grocery bags.

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