How To Plan a Perfect Eco-Friendly Party For Your Neighborhood

Sharing eco-friendly ideas in everyday situations can be a little awkward, but there are some simple ways that you can share your favorite Earth conscious products in a friendly environment. Hosting an eco-friendly party is one of the simplest ways to help you share ideas and innovations in green products. You can also share information, such as fact sheets and pamphlets, with friends and neighbors attending the party.

Clearing Misconceptions

One of the major goals of hosting an eco-friendly party is to help others learn more about their options. Most people have the misconception that going green means living without commercial products or making sacrifices in their personal comfort. The reality is that there are now hundreds of green choices on the market, with options that include recycled, biodegradable paper products, personal hygiene products made from natural ingredients, and organic cotton clothing, bedding, and towels.

Your eco-friendly party should definitely include biodegradable paper goods. You can discuss the benefits of opting for products that can be composted, and the benefits of composting, as well. You may want to think about which products your guests will be most impressed by. For example, gardeners who already have a compost bin will be more willing to buy compostable products, while parents may be more interested in choices that save money while being healthier for the family.

Organizing Your Party

When hosting an eco-friendly party, you will obviously want to include the greenest, most environmentally friendly products possible. Opting for organic snacks and drinks is a good idea, but you will also want to think about creating an environment that shares your knowledge of green products and why they are the best choice. Today, most people are open to switching products if they save money. Choosing a theme for your party can be a simple way to share information while also encouraging green options among friends and family.

For example, you can host a green kids or a green cleaning party for the Moms in your neighborhood. Making your own green cleaners and sharing recipes with neighbors is a simple way to share the available options for cleaners, for example. Make sure that your cleaning bottles are re-purposed or made from BPA free plastics to ensure your green cleaning party is eco-friendly. Choosing a theme can also help you share information about the dangers of specific chemicals more efficiently.

Creating a Friendly Environment

While not everyone may be open to attending an eco-friendly party, you will find that most people are interested in doing their part to reduce their impact on the environment. You don’t have to share everything that you know about going green in a single event, but can instead focus your efforts on one specific thing that everyone can easily do in their own homes. With a well-planned event, you can help green your neighborhood and make homes safer for children while also helping the environment. Don’t forget to include some take home leaflets for your neighbors to use after the party.

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