How to Brew Up a Green Revolution

The world is full of paradoxes and what some people consider a crisis, others consider an opportunity, and what most consider adverse circumstances, a minority considers a favorable chance for remarkable progress.

Entrepreneurs, who have often made their fortunes from finding solutions to problems, are notorious for not wasting a good crisis and this attitude applies to tackling ecological concerns about environmental degradation.

Whether this is a good way to look at thing or not is open to debate, but one thing that is becoming abundantly clear is that these environmentally aware entrepreneurs are brewing up a green revolution that will help save the earth from more industrialized mayhem.

Five fields that the green revolution is making commercial and ecological waves are alternative energy, technology, food, recycling and services.

The Quest for Alternative Energy

The multiple evils of gasoline continue to go unchecked because of the modern world’s need for light, energy, and fuel to keep things running. However, scientists and engineers are on a quest for alternative fuel sources that don’t degrade the environment. Words like solar, wind, and water power are now becoming buzz words on television stations.

Using Technology to Heal Technology

The technology that is destroying the planet, from harvesting trees to make paper to using gasoline to power up automobiles, is being replaced by other types of technologies. For instance, computer digital files are replacing paper. Today, even automotive engineers have pitched in and are looking for new ways to design the power system in an automobile.

The Search for Nutritional Food

As the food industry expanded, it developed chemical cocktails that began to harm the human body while preserving the food itself. For instance, it is said that a McDonald hamburger will not spoil for a year. Many ingredients in processed foods either denature the nutritional value of the food or add a harmful ingredient. Processed fruits and vegetable foods, for example, lose 86% of their Vitamin C and trans fats in packaged foods raise the bad cholesterol. This desire to eat healthy meals is stimulating organic farming and local agricultural efforts to create food that is close to nature.

Craft Industries from Recycling

There are numerous eco-entrepreneurial ventures to recycle products into other products. For instance, TerraCycle, an eco-company in New Jersey, devotes its 25,000 sq ft warehouse to converting Skittles bags into kites, Capri Sun juice bags into backpacks, potato chip bags into coolers, and dog food sacks into pet toys. The company is currently considering what to do to transform razor blades, expired pills and pill bottles into something practical.

No Product, No Problem

Those who can’t afford to turn toxic products into an alternative or disposable products into something useful are thinking up new service jobs. Self-invented jobs range from dog waste disposal services to collecting leftover meals for use in composting.

In a bid to stem the tide of plastic bags, retailers are now considering posting signs around the stores to cultivate environmental and fiscal awareness amongst shoppers.
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