How The Japanese Nuclear Crisis Can Potentially Happen In The U.S.

Although the governmental agency, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), overhauled numerous rules in the wake of the Three Mile Island accident in 1979, it failed to learn anything from the Chernobyl accident. Similarly, the Japanese Nuclear Crisis is seen as something that will never happen here.

But this policy does not really measure up to reality. The United States has 23 plants that are very similar in design to the critical Japanese nuclear plant. These plants are as old as the Japanese plant and also have been subjected to blackouts.

What’s more, the United States is not protected by a superior regulatory system, nor, as Katrina showed, are we free from the possibility of an overwhelming natural disaster that can hit a large region and affect a big population. Additionally, the Davis-Besse incident was a close call and the BP oil disaster a full-scale crisis.

Although it may seem unlikely that what happened in Fukushima will not happen here because of different weather, geological reasons, and numerous other factors, and although all the lessons from that disaster are still unfolding, it would be negligent not to take fair warning.

Here are some reasons why we should not rely on a policy of “it will never happen here” for our safety and well-being:

1. The US has 23 plants designed in a similar way to the plant in Fukushima. These plants are systems with fuel pools. Once a spent fuel pool catches on fire, it will release radiation. This is what happened to at least two fuel pools in Fukushima.

2. We may not get the same type of natural disaster, but we are vulnerable to other types of natural disasters. In fact, the type of disaster is not the decisive factor because a wide variety of natural disasters can be the cause of a loss of on- and off-site power supply.

3. Workers on site here will be as vulnerable as they are in Japan to life-threatening illnesses from exposure to radioactive emissions.

4. Even if a plant is located in a remote, thinly populated area, the radiation can spread to more than a hundred miles.

All things considered, there is no reason why the NRC should not be closely studying the nuclear plant crisis in Japan and extrapolating important lessons about how to upgrade regulatory processes in the U.S.

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