How Reusable Shopping Bags Can Prevent Toxic Pollution

When grocery shopping, it is all too common for baggers to simply dump everything in plastic bags because 80 percent of supermarkets and convenience stores have them in abundance and consumers are habituated to using them. Plastic bags are popular because they are sturdier, cheap to make, and plenteous. The more shoppers, however, who can pull out reusable shopping bags instead of accepting the grocery bags, the less likely it will be for millions of plastic bags to end up as litter.

Single-use plastic bags may be one of the most harmful types of litter. This is because it is almost impossible to really get rid of them. This litter can be hidden, but not destroyed. Made out of polyurethane, plastic bags can be broken down into microscopic parts but they don’t decompose. Instead, they become toxic scraps that seep into the soil and flow from sewers into rivers before they are swept into lakes and oceans. They destroy the soil and poison marine life.

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