How Recycling Plastic Bags Can Heal Our World

Recycling plastic bags provides numerous benefits, including preventing environmental pollution, saving enormous manufacturing and disposal costs, and preserving endangered marine life.

Used on a large global scale, plastic bags serve numerous purposes from offering shoppers grocery bags to offering manufacturers packaging material for product distribution, but most plastic bags are made from a non-biodegradable product called polythene.

Since these bags are made in such huge numbers and are highly popular because they can used for a wide variety of purposes, they tend to accumulate in quantity, overflowing in landfills, littering landscapes, and clogging up oceans, rivers, and streams, where they suffocate turtles, fish, and birds. Plastic bags cause extensive damage to the environment because they are almost indestructible, and scientists estimate that it takes 1,000 years for each bag to disintegrate into the earth.

The Real Cost of Manufacturing Plastic Bags

Since 80% of polythene plastic bags use natural gas to manufacture, a huge amount of energy is used to create these bags, energy that could have been put to better use like providing heat in industrial, commercial and residential buildings. Moreover, since plastic itself is an oil-based product, enormous amounts of oil are consumed. This large-scale consumption of a limited resource like oil could have been put to better use by a nation to run machinery and provide transportation fuel. To put this waste of limited natural resources in perspective: It is estimated that global reserves of natural gas will be depleted in 65 years while oil will be depleted in 41 years.

The Importance of Recycling Plastic Bags

In the United States, the statistics regarding how often plastic bags are recycled are disturbing. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, since 2007 only 12% of 89 billion plastic bags have been recycled. While the obvious long-term solution to dealing with the economic and environmental damage of plastic bags is to drastically reduce their production, the next best thing we can do, as a way to cope with the plethora of existing plastic bags, is to recycle them. Although plastic bags can be degraded chemically, using a method called photo degradation, this process creates toxic byproducts that pollute the environment.

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