Hot Cold Bags Help Maintain Healthy Food Temperatures

More than 48 million people become ill from food borne illness every year, according to Medline Plus, a service of the US National Library of Medicine. Unrefrigerated food is often the culprit. The use of hot cold bags is recommended to help maintain food temperatures at healthy levels, and the bags can also save energy.

Each year, picnic baskets and bag lunches become a breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria that cause gastrointestinal illness. Unrefrigerated food can become contaminated in as little as two hours, but many people never consider the benefits of hot cold bags for just such occasions. A hot cold bag is designed to keep foods at the proper temperature for up to three hours, and that can be critical on a hot day.

Similarly, when toting hot foods to a potluck dinner or other mealtime occasion, a hot cold bag helps to keep a dish piping hot and ready to serve. It makes it infinitely easier to transport and carry hot food too.

The styles of refrigerated bags can vary greatly, with some being simple, foil thermal bags, and others being heavily insulated fabric constructions. Hot cold bags can resemble reusable shopping bags or look more like a padded lunchbox, but the idea behind each eco-friendly design is to keep food at the perfect Goldilocks level without a power source.

Because the technology behind hot cold bags works without electricity or other fuel, that fact alone makes them an environmentally friendly product. Bags may be reused for years, from one season to the next, becoming just another an everyday part of a green lifestyle. Additionally, hot cold bags are often made of recycled materials, and some can be recycled once again after they have worn out. That can take a long time, though, because these bags are made to last.

A lot of consumers think it’s smart to take hot cold bags to the grocery store because frozen items that are stored in a thermal bag will stay cold much longer. The shopper can feel free to attend to other errands without rushing to get cold purchases into a refrigerator. The hot cold bags provide flexibility and food safety, perfectly rounding out an eco-friendly shopping experience.

Forward-looking businesses can brand themselves as “thinking green” by imprinting hot cold bags for promotional use. Reusable bags for transporting food are most often used in public situations, offering excellent product visibility. Picnics, banquets, family dinners — the imprint is a steady reminder that a company cares about the environment. It shows that the company stands behind its eco-friendly commitment with actions as well as words.

Hot cold bags are as much a benefit to food safety as they are to the environment. They can help prevent incidences of food poisoning and other intestinal illnesses. They are energy-efficient, inexpensive, and recyclable. They make a good marketing platform for branding a company as globally aware. Hot cold bags make a multitude of positive statements for a healthy, eco-friendly lifestyle, and they should be a part of every green home.

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