Greenpeace Initiative For Eco-Friendly Electronics

The Consumer Electronics Show revealed many of the best of green electronics as part of the Greenpeace initiative to create a better world. Greenpeace has asked electronic manufacturers to demonstrate leadership in reducing climate change by changing the way they design their machines, equipment and devices. This has resulted in some companies stepping up to the challenge and creating some best practices for reduction in energy consumption and waste. These eco-friendly electronics are often dubbed as “green electronics.” The result of this initiative by Greenpeace is that the environment will be less severely impacted by electronic goods, whether used domestically or industrially.

Do You Have A Green TV?

Panasonic Australia is an example of a company that has been innovative in developing new ways of reducing electronic waste. They’ve even gone so far as to introduce their recycling technology to the Federal Government’s National Waste Policy program. Panasonic Australia has demonstrated that by changing both manufacturing policies and product design, it’s possible to create eco-friendly products.

The Case for Green Laptops and Notebooks

Apart from Greenpeace, The Green Electronics Council is also advocating better, safer, cleaner electronic products. This group focuses on determining the eco-standards for electronic laptops and notebooks. Portable computing devices approved by this group are rated as gold, silver, or bronze. This is based on what percentage of their criteria has been met.

The Dark Side of Green Electronics

Unfortunately, many of the large electronics manufacturers glibly market their air-conditioners, ice-boxes, and computers as having green features. Instead of working to innovate new ways to make electronic products more eco-friendly, they are using the green revolution as a marketing technique to sell more of their products. This trend is similar to the trend in the food industry when the health hazards of saturated fats became known. Companies that began to market low-fat products were not really invested in developing healthy meals but merely taking advantage of a marketing trend to sell more of their products.

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