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Each season we change our wardrobe. Sometimes it is because of the weather changes and other times it is because we just want to wear something new. How you deal with your clothing can make the difference between being green and not being green.


Many people don’t take the time to donate their unwanted clothing. Instead, when they decide to clean out their closets, they throw the clothing away. And we are not talking about clothing that has been worn down to the threads but items that still have years more life left in them. These clothes end up in the landfill when they could be put to use by a family.

One way that we can give back to the community is through donations. Companies like Goodwill Industries and the Veteran’s Administration collect gently used clothing and sell it for a fraction of the cost. People who need items but can’t afford to pay full price can find great deals in their thrift stores.

Take Care of your Wardrobe

Clothing may be discarded because it has faded. You’ve probably seen that Tide commercial where the clothing comes out looking new after 40 or 50 washes because they used a formula for bright colors. All it takes is simply reading the clothing label to learn how to care for your clothes and keep them looking new for years to come. Here are a couple simple tips to extend the life of your clothes:

Wash clothing in cold water. Cold water conserves energy. It’s a misconception that warm or hot water will clean clothes better and kill germs. In order for hot water to kill germs it has to reach the boiling point. Your washer will not heat water that hot, believe me. Cold water and detergent cleans clothes and kills germs. Cold water cleans your clothes while preventing colors from bleeding. Warm or hot water will fade your clothes quicker, bleed colors, and cause the fabric to deteriorate.

Dry your clothing on the clothesline. Yes, we’re talking “Little House on the Prairie” and it works to save energy as well as your clothing. The sun and wind is free so you save money. Plus, tumbling your clothes in the dryer, in the heat, with dryer sheets for softness, all adds up to a rough ride for your clothing.

If you must dry heavy items like jeans, towels, or blankets in a clothes dryer, use a clean tennis ball or two to speed up the drying. The tennis balls will fluff the items, keeping larger items like blankets from knotting up into a ball, and will cause the items to dry faster.

Fix clothing that has rips or torn buttons. Instead of chucking that nearly new shirt because it got a rip at the seam, fix it. All you need is a needle and thread to patch it up in a jiffy. Most shirts come with extra buttons for the express purpose of replacing one should you lose it. Mending goes a long way to increasing the life of your clothing and reducing the wardrobe bill.

Are you looking for ways to maintain the wardrobe you have in order to save money? Are you concerned that throwing clothes in the landfill is a colossal waste of resources plus an environmental disaster? Repair what you have, buy what you need at resale shops, and wash your clothing carefully. If you do these things, you will help extend the life of your wardrobe, save money, and help the environment all at the same time.

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