Gifting Stimulus– Inspiring Others to Go Green

If you are already doing everything you can to live green, bravo– but your positive impact can be even greater if you inspire the people around you to follow your lead. There could be family members, neighbors, co-workers or friends that may need help to understand the concept, and you have the opportunity to help alter their course.

Some people may be under the false impression that they cannot afford greener living. They may see eco-friendly products on store shelves but opt to buy the cheaper chemical-laden options because of a tight budget. They might be aware of natural alternatives but find them boring or do not want to bother with making their own products. You can be the one to spark their interest and not only get them going in a greener direction but also impress them with the fact that they can actually save money.

A generous, no-pressure approach is to incorporate the suggestions into a holiday gift. If someone’s first introduction to green living is an adorable set of hand-made natural bath products, organic comfort foods or non-toxic cleaners, they will probably be more enthusiastic about the idea.

Today’s consumers are bombarded by attractive packaging, pretty fragrances and empty promises. You can hardly blame them for falling prey to the seductions of marketing, but you have the opportunity to fight fire with fire by making green choices just as alluring. As an added bonus, sharing elegant, hand-crafted green gifts will benefit your budget as well.

A few basic ingredients such as baking soda, borax, natural soap, white vinegar, essential oils and mineral pigments for color will allow you to make a variety of natural cleaners. They can be poured into attractive glass bottles and jars, and with some recycled, bio-degradable ribbons for decoration, you can put the presentation attempts of any commercial product to shame. You may even want to add a small note explaining why the formula for each is superior to chemical options, and add suggestions for re-using the jar or bottle once the cleaner is used up– or even better, the recipe to make another batch.

You can achieve similar results with health and beauty products, or organic baked goods. These offerings can be a way to try something they might never have considered otherwise and they might even make a permanent switch. If you are not the creative type and would prefer to purchase gifts that are already made, you can still create lasting effects by packaging your gift in a customized reusable shopping bag or thermal hot cold bag. Having their own personalized bag could certainly inspire someone to use it for their shopping and eschew plastic bags. Since Washington’s Worldwatch Institute reports that we use 100 billion of these per year, it is critical that we make small dents in that number when we can.

By inspiring others through creative eco-friendly gifts, you can help to create a domino effect in your social circle and a lasting impression on the planet.

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