Environmentally Friendly Ways To Take Care Of Your Lawn

It is estimated that 21 million acres of lawns are carefully tended by Americans. Lawns are considered an integral part of a home, providing a home with luxuriant grass, shrubs, trees, and flowers.

Taking care of the lawn is something that is on the weekend chore list, and parents allocate children’s allowances based on it.

Why are lawns such an essential feature in the U.S.?

There are numerous reasons:

• A lawn makes a house into a home, providing beauty and charm to the environment.

• A lawn captures carbon dioxide, creates oxygen, and cools a home during the hot months of summer.

• A lawn offers children a place to play and adults in the family a place to relax and enjoy the greenery of a slice of the country.

Unfortunately, with the reckless production of harmful chemicals to preserve the look of a well-manicured lawn, lawns are becoming increasingly unhealthy and threaten the environment.

If we are to take proper care of our lawns to enjoy the benefits of our own patch of nature surrounding our house, we have to consider new ways on how to take care of our lawns.

The good news is that there are numerous natural ways to create a lawn that is in complete harmony with the environment and our intentions for a place of beauty, peace, and fun.

Eco-Friendly First Aid for Lawns

Here are some ways to take care of your lawn naturally.

1. Only use natural fertilizers. Use compost during the balmy seasons, spreading it with a seed spreader.

2. Remove the mulcher bag while mowing. Clipped grass recycles nitrogen back into the soil. This will then feed the new grass.

3. Choose the right grass, trees, shrubs, plants and flowers for the region that you live in. Find those indigenous to your area. These plants will thrive in a familiar climate. You can discover native plants for your climate by visiting a local nursery. In dry areas, for instance, you will need grass that can withstand strong sunlight and requires lower levels of water.

4. Prune your trees and shrubs regularly because this keeps them in a healthy, growing state.

5. Water your grass before the sun rises to allow the soil to absorb the moisture, which would otherwise be lost due to evaporation.

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