Eco-Friendly Clothing: Better For You And An Eco-Friendly Planet

There is a quiet growing eco-friendly clothing revolution happening in the fashion industry. More consumers than ever before are asking for eco-friendly apparel that does not pollute the planet. Although their numbers are small, compared to the total number of consumers who buy traditional brands, progressive designers and clothing manufacturers are taking note of this emerging trend for eco-friendly clothing.

In essence, eco-friendly clothes use eco-friendly fabrics, dyes and manufacturing processes that does not destroy the environment. Unsold eco-friendly garments are designed in such a way that the dyes from the clothes mill that may wind up in a landfill does not stain streams red, blue, green, or yellow because those happen to be the color of choice currently promoted by the fashion industry.

Progressive clothiers like Van Heusen, Arrow, and Levi have made eco-friendly clothing fashionable with organic cotton fabrics, buttons made of coconut shells and natural dyes. Clothing from these manufacturers are considered eco-friendly from top to bottom; even the clothing labels are being made from recycled cardboard.

The basic idea behind the eco-friendly clothing revolution is to offer consumers eco-friendly clothing choices when it comes to fashion without diminishing the quality of the apparel or its variety. As more and more of this type of information gets out to the public concerning the availability of eco-friendly clothing options, eco-conscience buyers will than likely demand and expect that clothing manufacturers create ethically-made, eco-friendly clothing in order to remain legitimate and viable.

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