Eco-Friendly Car Makers Reveal New Paradigm

In earlier decades, before the world became aware of the ecological disasters creeping up over the horizon, car manufacturers boasted about horse power and exhibited “muscle” cars at automobile shows, but with a new century and a new awareness of how gas-guzzling cars are damaging the world we live in, the talk has changed at automotive press conferences. Now discussing emissions and more compact body lines is what commands respect.

Leading the pack of eco-friendly cars are the Asian automakers, which have leaned toward electrical themes while designing their smaller cars.

New Champion Lines

In 2011, Kia proudly displayed the Rio, a car designed by Peter Schreyer. Currently, the five-door model is available and a three-door model will make its appearance in the early months of 2012. Additionally, a sedan model is on the drawing boards.

Hyundai has a spanking new slogan accompanying its i40 model that brags about how new thinking stimulates new possibilities. The car and the slogan are intended to usher in a refreshing zeitgeist of change: the concept of an affordable, quality car that champions the need for energy conservation over raw power.

Infiniti is introducing the Etherea, which is a luxury car in a compact design. It’s the luxury car for a younger generation seeking something different in the compact class of cars.

Nissan has an electric car that can be classified as a sports car. The Esflow is a car without any emission pollution at all. It’s a car to usher in a new future that uses the technology that the manufacturer pioneered earlier in a car called the Leaf.

Not to be left behind in the era of electric cars is Honda’s new concept car. The Honda EV Concept is a mid-sized hybrid car. By 2012, Honda will introduce the Fit EV in Japan and the United States.

Other Pedigrees

Mazda is showcasing a new fuel-saving technology called SKYAC-TIV in the Minagi concept car.

Toyota has a sports concept called Toyota FT-86, a collaborative effort that included Subaru engineers and designers.

Finally, Suzuki has the Swift S-Concept, which is sporty, stylish, exciting, and comes in bold colors like yellow.

A Bold Break from The Past

Ultimately what these cars represent is much more than new lines and sporty horsepower. They are a distinct break from the past. While style and performance still thrill car buyers, they are now also equally concerned about how to reduce emissions and save on gasoline consumption.
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