Cities Look to Stimulate Eco-Consumerism and Eco-Friendly Purchases through New Eco-Product Driven Websites

For many of those in the United States aware of the burgeoning need to safeguard the environment, it comes as no surprise that the city of San Francisco is leading the charge of eco-consumerism. Whether it’s shopping for an eco-friendly detergent or an eco-product like reusable bags, the city of San Francisco can help you make all sorts of eco-friendly lifestyle choices through their website

Originally designed to fulfill the requirements of a city ordinance for green products that would be used by the San Francisco city purchasing department, city officials decided it was too good a thing to keep to themselves and decided to open it up to the public. Although the website itself is relatively new to the public, its originating ideas hark back to decisions made about eco-consumerism way back in 2005.

The Board of Supervisors for the city of San Francisco in 2005 decided to create an ordinance that would commit to what they called the “precautionary principle.” This ordinance required the city staff to buy products that befriended the environment. The SF Approved List, created by the San Francisco Department of Environment, outlined an authoritative list of the best in green products.

Product ingredients are reviewed by the city’s staff members and the website recommends those that are non-toxic, recyclable, and use energy efficiently. The theme of the website aligns with an increasing consumer trend to buy green products that are competitively priced with mainstream products, and now it’s easier to pick eco-friendly products with the help of the city.

Essentially, more than a thousand green products that are used by the San Francisco City staff and that San Francisco green businesses are permitted to use are recommended to consumers for their homes, small businesses, or larger organizations. For example, there are recommended keyboard dusters that don’t emit greenhouse gases, rechargeable batteries that stay charged for a whole year, and whiteboard markers that can be refilled.

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