Can Green Energy Help Save the Earth?

Going green may safeguard the future and by joining the growing army of green consumers, we may help save the earth. Here’s a dramatic illustration of the power of green energy. A consumer who buys one 100kWh block of wind power will personally contribute to the environment the equivalent benefit of not driving an automobile for 2400 miles. Here’s another way of looking at it: buying one 100kWh block of wind power would be as beneficial as planting a half acre of trees.

Plugging into green energy may be as simple as investing in the production of green energy. Green energy is the natural energy generated by sun, wind, and rushing water, for example. Moreover Green energy that originates from the elements is renewable energy. Unlike oil, the sun will not diminish in supply the more you use it.

Green energy reduces pollution, stimulates economies, and provides future generations with a higher quality of life.

Using green energy produces little to no pollutants like carbon monoxide and lead unlike an abundance of pollutants produced by the use of fossil fuels to create energy.

Using green energy is cost-effective and beneficial to a country’s economy. Most countries spend billions importing or refining fossil fuels. However, natural forms of energy, like solar or wind energy, for example, is abundantly available in most places on the planet and will not incur the enormous costs associated with imports. Moreover, harnessing production of green energy will create local jobs and stimulate economic growth.

Finally, using green energy will improve the quality of life for future generations. There will be fewer pollutants to clean up and destroy health and there will be a more robust economy to make other technological innovations in energy productions. Instead of surviving, future generations will have the momentum to start thriving.

All things considered, it makes almost no sense to continue to rely on fossil fuels when renewable energy is available. Oil will eventually run out, but the sun will last for another 4 billion years. Our current dependency on fossil fuels is standing on shifting sands and exploring and improving green energy production is moving toward firm ground.

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