Back-to-School Tips: Ideas On Saving Money And The Environment

Schools in North America use more paper than other countries in the world. Fortunately, relative to other countries, the United States and Canada have a smaller population. If a country like China, with a population ranging in the billions, were as extravagant with their paper consumption, the rain forests would probably be gone in a year.

Much of this consumption in North America is due to an unnecessary use of paper. It’s possible to get the same amount of work done and use much less paper to do it, saving money. By saving paper in schools, you are helping out the environment. Since schools use a lot of paper, this is a good place to start in saving trees. As a “green” student, you will be creating a more sustainable environment.

Here are 7 simple ways, you can save on paper in schools:

1. When printing out documents from your computer, shrink the size of the document. For example, when printing out copies of your power point slides, add more than one slide per page.

2. Only print out as many copies as you need from a computer or a photocopying machine. Suppose you’re printing fliers. You can estimate how many you will need before printing.

3. Prefer digital files to paper files. Since digital files can also be backed up using other electronic media, it’s not necessary to translate all digital files into paper copies to make sure that you don’t lose any essential data.

4. Sometimes two sides of a sheet of paper can be used instead of one side, especially when it comes to notebook sheets.

5. Recycle paper by using the back of printouts for other purposes, especially when doing rough drafts or scribbling down ideas.

6. You can save money by using cheaper, recycled paper.

7. Use paper wisely. A lot of paper is wasted by doodling, leaving white spaces, using only one side of a notebook sheet, writing silly messages, and making paper airplanes.

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