Are Reusable Shopping Bags Practical and Sustainable?

In a word: Yes!

Reusable eco-friendly bags from Planet Earth Bag are durable, washable, practical and stylish! They do double duty for businesses that produce and distribute them by providing durable, permanent advertising in the form of branding or logo use. As a promotional item, reusable shopping bags are affordable, desirable and highly visible. Stores, companies and agencies that support protecting the planet can let the world know by providing affordable, attractive, useful shopping bags to clients and customers.

What about food safety concerns and reusable shopping bags?

Reusable shopping bags are far superior to either paper or plastic bags when it comes to food safety. Planet Earth Bags are available in hot and cold and insulated thermal styles to keep foods separate, fresh and at just the right temperature until you get them home and properly stored. Businesses and agencies providing these sturdy, practical food transport bags are sure to meet with success. As a promotional item and giveaway at fund raisers and trade shows, this type of durable, useful, branded item is wildly popular. By providing your customers with ample numbers of reusable bags, you ensure optimum visibility for your business while ensuring that your customers have plenty of reusable bags on hand to make it from one laundry day to the next hygienically.

Are reusable bags a good investment for shoppers and the businesses that provide them?

Because these branded bags are strong and versatile, they are an extremely good investment for both the businesses producing and providing them and the people who use them. Consumers can make good use of branded, logo bags as daily shopping bags, library book bags, tote bags for overnight trips or weekend getaways and more. A logo branded, reusable tote bag is sure to be seen and admired in a wide variety of venues thus ensuring good return on every advertising penny invested in its production.

Is the production of reusable bags eco-friendly!

Planet Earth green bags are skillfully crafted of high quality, all-natural materials to withstand a long life of hard use. When your Planet Earth bag is finally ready for retirement, you can take comfort in the knowledge that all materials used in its production are biodegradable. This fact enables companies providing reusable bags to clearly express their support of sustainable living with no mixed messages. Planet Earth bags are eco-friendly from start to finish!

How easy is it to order logo branded, reusable shopping bags?

Ordering logo-branded, reusable shopping bags from Planet Earth bags is easy, fast, affordable and smart! Modern businesses and organizations that want to stay on the cutting edge of sustainability can order attractive, personalized Planet Earth Bags in bulk to save lots of money. It’s quick to order, quick to design, and bag production turnaround is rapid. When you order your personalized reusable shopping bags from Planet Earth Bag, you can get your positive message of sustainability out to the world in a fast and effective manner.

Create green jobs and let the plastic bag ban work for you and your business or organization! Just fill out the form at or call 1-888-623-3326 any time of the day or night to get a quick quote on your order of personalized reusable grocery bags, reusable hot and cold or thermal bags, reusable shopping bags or recycled paper totes.

When you order smart, sustainable, logo-branded reusable bags from, everybody wins!

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