Eco-Friendly Reusable Grocery and Shopping Bags. Custom imprinted tote bags are available by way of a FREE quote request.

Thank you for stopping by to learn about Planet Earth Bag. We are committed to helping the environment in any way we can. As members of planet earth we can’t change the fact that we’re consumers. We can change the choices we make by living more environmentally responsibly and conserving the earth’s precious resources. At Planet Earth Bag reducing, reusing and recycling is a way of life and the 3 R’s are our guiding principals!

Our mission is to enable people to work toward the common goal of protecting the environment. We are helping to make the planet a place for generations to come by producing reusable and environmentally friendly bags.

As the world adapts to the ever growing population, the most important thing individuals or businesses can do is to choose to reduce, reuse and recycle. The concept is far broader than just bags, and we know we aren’t saving the world with just reusable bags. However, this is just a start and with each bag sale we come increasingly closer to being able to offer more eco friendly products.

Another way that Planet Earth Bag gives back to the environment is through or contribution to the CarbonFree program by Carbonfund.org. The CarbonFree program allows us to offset our company’s carbon emissions (the energy we use to operate as a business). Carbonfund takes our contribution and invests in reforestation, energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. By using Carbonfund and offsetting our emissions, Planet Earth Bag is supporting other earth friendly businesses.

The word community has a deeper meaning now more than ever. As our population grows, the smaller the world gets. Reusable and recyclable are becoming common phrases and we hope that soon they will be common for all products, not just bags.

The world is changing and we developed Planet Earth Bag.com so that people have a place to buy eco-friendly bags. Before we would go to the store and our options were, “paper or plastic”, but with the advent of custom eco friendly bags, people now have choice.

Our eco bags are perfect for all occasions. From reusable grocery bags to hot cold bags to reusable shopping bags, we have bags for your every event.

So please help us and invest in our efforts in doing something good for the earth. Make Planet Earth Bag your home for eco friendly bags for your next event, promotion or retail program.

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