Nine Reasons Your Logo Belongs On a Reusable Bag

resuable bag

resuable bag

Reusable bags have become nearly universal at the grocery store, but have you considered putting your organization’s logo on a reusable bag? These bags are becoming the trendiest movement in brand promotion as people turn away from disposable paper or plastic bags.

The Napa Valley CanDo group reports that Napa County, California disposes of 68 million plastic bags per year. As organizations like this begin to push for bans on plastic bags use, many companies are finding that reusable bags make wise promotional investments.

First, think about the way you will distribute your bags. If you frequently run promotions that involve heavy items like books, you will want to go with sturdy tote bags. However, if its more likely you would hand out your bags to collect fliers at a trade show, then you can probably get away with grocery quality bags.

Second, consider whether you want to print your logo on both sides of the bag. You may be able to save on shipping costs if you only print it on one side, but then people might only see your logo half as often.

As the world turns to more eco-friendly choices, reusable bags have emerged as a sensible way to circulate your logo while helping to reduce waste.

Here are 9 Reasons Your Logo Belongs On a Reusable Bag:

1. People like promotions they can actually use.

Everybody needs a bag now and then.

2. They promote your brand.

There’s your organization name and logo right on the side of the bag for the whole world to see.

3. Your organization will appear to be a friend of the earth.

Green is in, and your organization will look like part of the movement when it provides an alternative to disposable bags.

4. Your promotion will have a positive impact on the environment.

Each time your bag replaces a disposable paper or plastic bag your promotion will have made a difference in creating a greener world.

5. People might walk around a trade show stuffing other companies’ products into your bag.

Imagine that, everyone could be showing off your bag while hiding your competitor’s products inside it.

6. If you are raising money for a charity, you can sell your bags for much more than they cost.

People making a donation will often contribute far more than the value of your promotional item. This item being one that they actually expect to use may lead them to be even more generous.

7. People will use your reusable bags many times.

These bags are not a one off promotion that people use once and throw away or ignore.

8. Bags make a convenient carryall for other promotional items or literature you distribute to prospects.

When you put together a package for new employees or potential prospects, your bags will provide a nice container for everything.

9. They have a long shelf life.

Years from now someone will still be using a bag they got last month.

Choosing Your Reusable Bags

You should consider a couple of things when choosing the bags you will use for your promotion.

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