5 Practical Tips To Help Save Money And Reduce Household Energy Waste

Have you had an energy audit done on your home? If not, you should. Even if you think you are doing everything you can to save energy, there are still surprisingly simple ways to reduce your energy consumption even more.

One problem that many households experience is the lack of cooperation from every member of the family. If everyone is not on board with energy efficiency, the results won’t be very noticeable. For instance, if only one person is turning off the lights and everyone else is leaving them on, it’s not going to help that much. Get the family involved. Give each person a project to be responsible for. Turn it into a game if you have to. See who can create the most energy efficient area each month. Kids love competition and will be ready to take up the challenge.

Let’s look at five areas where you could improve your energy efficiency. Delegate these areas to one or more family member and let the competition begin:

1.Turn off the faucet completely. This sounds like a no-brainer, but sometimes you don’t always get it just right and water will drip. Do an experiment. Even with a slow drip, see just how much water you will have collected in a glass or bucket from any faucet after 24 hours of dripping. This is the water that you are wasting every time you leave a faucet to run. If the drip persists no matter how you try to turn it off, it may be time for a repair or maybe a new faucet. The investment will pay off in saved water and energy.

2. Adjust the window blinds. When you leave the house in the morning, go around the house and close your blinds in the summer. This will keep the cold air in and the hot air out. If you live in a northern climate and have well insulated windows, you may do just the opposite on a sunny day in the winter to take advantage of the solar heat; open the blinds on the south side of the house and let the sun warm the house. The idea is to think about your windows and how they are affecting your temperature inside the house.

3. Wash and dry full loads of clothing. Even if Sissy or Junior has a shirt they insist needs to be washed before they can wear it again, this is where you have to be firm. Nothing gets washed without it being part of a full load. It is a waste of water if you start a load with only one, two, three, or four items to wash. Accumulate a full load for both your washer and dryer and use less energy each month.

4. Close the refrigerator door. Have you ever spaced out while looking in the fridge for something? Have you ever watched your kids stand with the refrigerator or freezer door open while they ponder what to snack on? Each time you or your kids stand there with the door open, the cold air is pouring out onto the floor. You can understand this if you replace the image of cold air with water; it works just the same. Every time you let the refrigerator get drained of cold air, it takes that much more energy to re-cool the food inside once you close the door. If each person in your family does that once or twice a day, it adds up to energy wasted and money lost.

5. Dress appropriately instead of adjusting the thermostat. It is tempting to set the air conditioning thermostat low when it is blistering hot outside and you’re feeling the heat. When everyone turns the thermostat down a degree or two, you are acclimating yourself to an increasingly cold interior. If the temperature outside is climbing to around 95 degrees, keeping your air on 75 will seem very cool and comfortable by comparison. The same goes for a winter day. If it’s 20 degrees outside, then a comfort zone inside would easily be in the 60′s. If you are constantly adjusting the thermostat, your air conditioner or furnace is using more energy to try to keep up with your demands. Instead, insist that each family member dress properly inside the house. Wear lightweight clothes in the summer and warm cozy clothes in the winter.

Are there ways that you can tap into hidden wasteful practices and save money? Of course there are. Start with the five tips above to save money and resources.

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