3 Myths About Why It’s Too Expensive To Go Green

Unfortunately a variety of myths prevail about why people can’t afford to go green. These myths simply don’t measure up to reality. The truth is that we can’t afford not to go green, not only for the sake of the environment, but also for the sake of our health and well-being. Moreover, by going green, money is saved, not squandered.

Here are some common myths about why many people just can’t afford to go green:

#1: I can’t go green right now because it is just too expensive.

#2: I can’t go green right now because it is not cost-effective.

#3: I can’t go green right now because it is not irresponsible to spend money going green during a recession.

Although these myths actually sound reasonable on the surface, looking deeper you will find that you can actually save money by going green.

Here are 3 ways to go green, save money, and help out the environment:

1. Buy in bulk. Since you need the product anyway, whether it is crackers for a lunchbox or laundry detergent, doesn’t it make sense to save by buying in bulk? How much can you save? You can double or even quadruple the amount of money you save. You save this much because most of the cost of a product is due to marketing, shipping and handling, and packaging costs. It costs a company more to deliver you a single serving— and that is why they have to charge you more. In addition, with less packaging involved in a bulk product, there is less material to clog up landfills.

2. Reuse stuff. For instance, a paper towel at a dollar a roll for a week will cost you about $200 a year. A dish towel set for less than $5 can be used and washed repeatedly and this will not only reduce the need to recycle the paper but will also save you money. While $200 a year may not sound like much, the savings can add up when you apply this type of thinking to other products that you can easily reuse.

3. Make your own products. Not everything has to come out of a factory and have a price tag. For example, instead of using expensive soaps and detergents filled with chemicals, make your own. Simple recipes are available on the Internet—free. You can create a large amount of soap or detergent for the same price you would pay for a single serving of what you would buy in a store. It will last about 5 to 10 times longer as well.

If this is too much trouble, then use simpler alternatives like vinegar or other natural cleaning solutions.
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