Eco-Friendly Bags For A Better Environment

Reusable bags have finally found a place in society, as even governments around the world are working to help slow down the proliferation of plastic bags into our environment.

Reusable bags are increasingly becoming more fashionable and trendy because they save money, lower waste disposal costs and serve multi-purpose uses.

Planet Earth Bag specializes in providing stylish, durable reusable bags. They can be also used for fundraisers, brand promotions and raising brand awareness.

How To Order Bags For Your Business or Charity

Planet Earth Bag makes it easy for your business, grocery store chain, charity, retail shopping establishment or non-profit organization to be more mindful of the environment.

We also understand the need for not only a quality product, but also quality service and quick turnaround times. Once your order is placed, we work to diligently to complete your order in a timely fashion. Please call or request a free custom reusable bag quote 24 hours a day by completing the form on the right-hand side of the page.

Note: If you need to place a large bag order, then we offer bulk wholesale pricing.

Reusable Bags Can Serve Multiple Uses

Eco-friendly bags come in the form of shopping, grocery, hot and cold, insulated thermal and tote varieties. By using them for shopping or for groceries, you can eliminate the use of non-biodegradable plastic bags, which are now offered at just about every cash register.

Used as shopping bags, you can save the store money by not taking the bags they offer at the counter and you also have fewer bags to bring home to clutter up your closets.

Used as grocery bags, insulated and thermal bags you can keep food fresher by storing it at the best temperature. Hot cold bags are so much more efficient than the ones that grocery clerks hand out at the cash register.

Finally, general-purpose reusable totes can be used for overnight travel.


Eco-friendly bags are ideal for fundraisers. This is because they provide high value at a low cost. The donor feels they received something of value for their contribution, while, in turn, sponsors feel good about sending out a positive message about taking care of the planet.

Our company regularly receives bulk orders for their various bag options because many non-profit organizations now realize the value of these kind of bags.

Brand Promotions

Often companies give away free, useful products to customers and in-house staff to circulate their branding images, ranging from logos to slogans. Traditionally, these gifts range from pens to umbrellas. However, eco-friendly bags make excellent promotional items, too at trade shows. Customized imprinted bags convey a positive brand image if they are made to order.

Raising Awareness

Although we all share one planet, many people are not aware of how we are polluting it through offering billions of  free non-biodegradable plastic bags in grocery stores. Plastic fills up our landfills, pollutes our rivers, lakes and landscapes.

The problem of pollution is now becoming so prevalent that government organizations around the world are spending millions on advertising campaigns to help people be more environmentally conscious. By using eco bags as a shopper, traveler, fundraiser or company, you are helping remind people to invest in reusable bags. Businesses that promote the use of reusable bags will stand out in the mind of the public as a green company. Properly shaping public perception by presenting either you logo or brand message your bags will no doubt help you company earn more goodwill than those who choose to ignore the need for environmental change.

High Quality & Trendy

In terms of quality, eco-friendly bags are trendy, durable and biodegradable. Our bags come in many styles and colors. In addition, they can be custom imprinted. This is useful for companies that want to offer a gift bag or a thermal hot cold bag for fundraising or brand promotional purposes. You can choose the differing designs, colors and messages that best represent your needs or marketing requirements.


Frail bags that collapse if use to carry too much stuff or that get worn away with frequent usage fail to provide the consumer value for their money. Ours; however, are durable because they are made out of the best available materials.


Eventually, however, even the most durable materials get worn down. This is why Planet Earth Bags are also 100% biodegradable.